External Resources

CCM Resources

Health center staff work to improve storage practices in their storeroom

Health center staff use data to improve supply chain practices

Committing to Child Survival – A Promise Renewed
UNICEF, 2013

Resources for integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) of Childhood Illness
USAID, CORE Group, MCHIP, 2012

Pneumonia Strategy Overview
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 2009

Introduction to Community Case Management Essentials: A Guide for Program Managers
CORE Group, 2010

Indicator Guide: Monitoring and Evaluating Integrated Community Case Management
MCHIP, 2013

Supply Chain Resources

Getting Products to People
John Snow, Inc., 2012

Tips on Supply Chain Management Issues for CCM
Supply Chain Management subgroup of the iCCM Task Force, 2013

Promising Practices in Supply Chain Management for Community-Based Distribution Programs: Global Survey of CBD Programs
Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition, 2010

Supply Chain Models and Considerations for Community-Based Distribution Programs: A Program Manager’s Guide
Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition, 2010

Quantification of Health Commodities: A guide to forecasting and supply planning for procurement

Quick Reference: Quantification Planning

mHealth Resources

cStock Overview
Date: November 2012
McQueen, Suzzane, Sarah Konopka, Nicole Palmer, Gwendolyn Morgan, Sunday Bitrus, and Lungi Okoko. Arlington, VA: African Strategies for Health project, Management Sciences for Health.
mHealth Compendium, Edition One, page 39

Rapid SMS Providing Availability of Essential Medicines
Date: November 2012
Yasmin Chandani, Marasi Mwecha, Sarah Andersson, Michelle K Pahl, Alexis Heaton, Megan Noel. JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc., Arlington, VA
WHO Medical devices and eHealth solutions
Compendium of innovative health technologies for low-resource settings

Global Product Availability Resources

Last Mile Perspectives on ORS, zinc, and cotrimoxazole from CHWs in Malawi and Ethiopia
SC4CCM Project, 2013

Report of Second Partners Meeting on Better Medicines for Children
WHO Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland, 2010

Characteristics of Pediatric Medicines: The Supply Chain Perspective
SC4CCM Project, 2010

Product Characteristics: Perspectives from Community Health Workers in Malawi
Dr. Kelita Kamoto, Ministry of Health of Malawi, 2010

Theory of Change

Using a Theory of Change for Project Planning, Implementation and M&E
SC4CCM Project, 2012

The Community Builder’s Approach to Theory of Change: A Practical Guide to Theory Development
Andrea Anderson, Aspen Institute, Roundtable on Community Change

Theory of Change as a Tool for Strategic Planning: A Report on Early Experiences
Andrea Anderson, Aspen Institute, Roundtable on Community Change, 2004

The Power of Theories of Change
Paul Brest, Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2010

Zeroing in on Impact: In an era of declining resources, nonprofits need to clarify their intended impact
Susan Colby, Nan Stone, & Paul Carttar, Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2004