Delivering The Optimal Dose

Welcome to our blog, Delivering the Optimal Dose: Promoting Widespread Access to Child Friendly Medicines for CCM! The SC4CCM Project is excited to have our own informal forum to share our thoughts on all things we see and learn while trying to improve supply chains for community case management. We write about both our daily experiences with supply chains and pediatric products as well as some of the larger lessons we have learned over the course of the project in hopes that these postings are informative for others. We would love to hear from readers on specific areas of interest or questions around CCM, pediatric medicines, and supply chains to the community level!

To achieve our goal, the SC4CCM project will work both globally and with individual countries, connecting and coordinating information for CCM products, striving to provide suppliers, donors, and other constituents with the information necessary to make products more suitable for CCM programs and helping countries strengthen quantification and procurement processes and promote inclusion of optimal products in national policies and guidelines.