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Making Products Available in the Community: A Manager’s Tool to Improving Community Health Supply Chains describes the SC4CCM project’s experiences in Malawi, Rwanda and Ethiopia and walks participants through a process of exploring how these lessons might be applied in their country or context. The tool is aimed at guiding supply chain and community case management program managers through a structured process for the most important areas in which decisions should be made for the community health supply chain, while presenting options in each area and explaining implications of those options.

Manager's Tool arrowsThe Manager’s Tool talks about three essential elements to making the supply chain function – product flow, data flow and effective people – and uses the SC4CCM innovations to show ideas on how to make each of these elements work at the community level.

Examples are shared from all three countries: the Ready Lessons and Problem Solving in Ethiopia, the Quality Collaboratives in Rwanda, and the District Product Availability Teams in Malawi. The innovations in all three countries have the common theme of promoting teamwork among CHWs and their supervisors to work together to solve supply chain problems and improve overall supply chain performance.

The Manager’s Tool and Participant Workbook are designed to be used in a workshop or group setting to promote discussion and identify solutions that take into account each country’s current situation, available resources and supply chain goals and aspirations.

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Manager’s Tool Workshop Participant Workbook

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