cStock and Enhanced Management help health centre improve HSA performance

Supervisor for Mpepa Health Centre, Kasungu, Malawi

Supervisor for Mpepa Health Centre, Malawi

Supervisor for Mpepa Health Centre, Malawi

The Supervisor for Mpepa Health Centre in Kasungu Malawi is a leader in encouraging HSAs to use cStock in a timely way. He describes his experience using the technology by saying, “We have 6 HSA managing village clinics within our catchment areas. With the introduction of cstock and Enhanced Management interventions we have been more organized and coordinated. This is achieved by dedicating a day especially towards the beginning of month and discussing several issues affecting the program”.

The benefits of timely reporting are clear. “We also agreed that at that time all HSAs send their stock on hand data so we can oversee those that are struggling and assist accordingly. This has improved HSA performance and reduced errors on reporting to cstock”.

Always offering encouragement and support, the supervisor explains the assistance he offers to HSAs. “When they come to pick up products, we also advise them to send receipt while we are all there so we can assist those that are struggling. With these initiatives we have maintained good performance on reporting and product availability at HSA level.”