Where SC4CCM worked and what the project did to improve product availability for community health workers to treat children under 5:

africa map


  • Enhanced data availability, visibility and streamlined resupply process (mHealth system)
  • Addressed transportation challenges between HSAs and their resupply point
  • Created teams committed to continuous improvement and recognition of best performance


  • Educated staff on supply chain fundamentals and provided basic skills training
  • Instilled culture of structured problem solving
  • Reinforced training through leadership roll out support
  • Operationalized IPLS for HEWs through strengthening key processes and linkages between health center and health post


  • Designed simple, standard procedures/tools for resupply of CHWs and provided training
  • Formed teams to test innovations and generate local best practices that can be shared
  • Built on the existing cPBF and developed a supply chain incentive system