SC4CCM Launches Quality Improvement Teams in Nyabihu district, Rwanda

CHWs share experiences in learning sessions in Rwanda

QIT Learning Session in Nyabihu District, Rwanda

“Quality Improvement Teams have improved our relationship with the district pharmacies and now we have more ease of access to medicines for the community health worker”.

SC4CCM/Rwanda in partnership with the Ministry of Health launched an intervention to improve access to childhood medicines at the community level. In August 2012, SC4CCM conducted learning sessions for Quality Improvement Teams (QITs) in Nyabihu District.

The purpose of the QITs is to share lessons learned and encourage problem solving around common supply chain challenges for childhood medicines in hard to reach areas. After QITs use their new skills in problem solving to identify promising solutions, then the QITs from 15 Health Centers in the district discuss best practices on how to address key supply chain challenges

By conducting interactive and informative sessions on how each health center has overcome a particular supply chain challenge, each QIT has the skills to contribute to improved product availability for community health workers.