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mHealth systems do not need to be complex to be effective. cStock is a RapidSMS, open-source, web-accessible logistics management information system for community-level health products in Malawi (CCM, FP and HIV testing).

cStock Data and Product Flow

cStock Data and Product Flow

cStock Overview

  • Uses basic GSM phones already owned by HSAs to report data via SMS on a toll free phone line
    • HSAs in Malawi manage up to 19 products – reporting on a greater number of products may require a more complicated phone
  • Collects minimum logistics data – HSAs sends stock on hand and receipts data via SMS
  • Calculates quantities for HCs, who advise HSAs when stock is available for collection
  • A web-accessible dashboard with simple, easy-to-use reports, shows stock levels, reporting rates, and alerts for central and district level managers
  • Data is hosted on The Cloud, an inexpensive, secure, reliable and easy to manage option for a small scale system like cStock as it does not require recruiting/training IT support staff and procuring/maintaining a server.

cStock Dashboard

cstock dashboard

  • The dashboard provides visibility of HSA logistics data to district and central level managers who can use it to inform decision making:
  • cStock provides real time data, such as alerts, stock out rates and current stock status, enabling supply chain managers to respond immediately to issues, and
  • cStock calculates and displays supply chain indicators, such as reporting rates, lead times, consumption rates, and order fill rates for system monitoring and coordination.

See our new cStock infographic.

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