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SC4CCM Shares Lessons Learned at iCCM Evidence Review Symposium

More than 400 individuals from 35 countries in sub-Saharan Africa and 59 international partner organizations gathered in Accra, Ghana at the beginning of March for an Integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) Evidence Review Symposium. The three day event included presentations … Continue reading

Frontline Health Workers Use Technology to Improve Care

As a frontline health worker in Malawi, Petro Kangulu is one of approximately 4,000 health surveillance assistants (HSA) focused on improving the health of people in his community by providing community case management (CCM) for common childhood illnesses. Continue reading

cStock: Increasing Data Visibility at the Last Mile

Community health workers often juggle many tasks, from navigating difficult rural roads, to carrying medicines long distances, to diagnosing and treating children for common childhood illnesses. Submitting information to higher levels of the health system on conditions treated, number of cases seen and products dispensed is therefore seen as an additional burden. Continue reading