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SC4CCM has captured lessons learned and best practices from the first four years of the project in a short video and Making Products Available in the Community: A Manager’s Tool to Improving Community Health Supply Chains

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Every year millions of children die before reaching their fifth birthday from largely preventable causes. Most often these deaths are from pneumonia, malaria, diarrhea and malnutrition, which could have been prevented by low-cost treatments.

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Community case management (CCM) is an approach designed to reach children in their communities. Trained community health workers (CHWs) identify and treat childhood illnesses without the sick child needing to travel to a health facility.

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CCM needs well-functioning supply chains to deliver the medicines to community health workers. Often, CCM cannot work properly due to ineffective supply chains and inconsistent availability of good-quality medicines and basic health supplies.

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CCM programs also need access to pediatric-friendly products that are appropriate to the environments where CHWs work. SC4CCM worked with countries to strengthen quantification processes and advocates globally for increased availability of pediatric-friendly products.

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SC4CCM worked in partnership with Ministries of Health in Ethiopia, Malawi and Rwanda to identify innovative solutions that have improved community supply chains and increased availability of children’s medicines in their villages.